Water meters are read the 1st of each month. Bills are sent out on the 10th. Payment is due by the 25th of the month. There will be a 10% penalty of all utility charges (excluding sales tax and HSU payback) on all accounts paid after the 25th of the month following billing date.

The city gets its supply of water from the WEB Water facility located 100 miles west of Groton near Selby. The water source is the Missouri River. Groton has a 450,000 gallon reservoir in addition to the 125,000 gallon tower. The average daily use is about 125,000 gallons.

Water Heater Rebate: Receipts for new Lifetime Warranty Water Heaters that are 50 gallons or larger can be submitted to City Hall for a $6/gallon rebate. Rebate will be issued once the unit is checked for Load Management Control.

Utility Assistance

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  • For residents looking for rent and/or utility assistance that have suffered an unforeseen financial hardship:

  • For residents looking for assistance with their water/wastewater utility bill:

SD DSS (South Dakota Department of Social Services)