Building Permits

Building a house? Doing some remodeling? Please read below to see if a building permit is required...

No building or structure shall be erected, constructed, altered, enlarged, repaired, moved, converted, or demolished without first obtaining a building permit. Building Permits are required any time work is done within the city right of way (boulevards, curbs, driveway approach aprons, gutters or sidewalks). A building permit is also required for replacement of windows and doors.

If you have additional questions after reading the requirements, please call City Hall.

Permit fees are based on the total construction project costs and are the same for all properties. Apply at City Hall.

Permit Fee: $25 + .005 of your total project cost

NEW Fee Schedule effective January 1, 2020

Set-backs: The address of your house will be determined by your front door. Brown County Planning & Zoning director assigns the address. The front side needs a 30' set-back with a 7' setback on the sides and backside (remember, the overhang is where the measuring starts). If you live on a corner lot, the front side is 30' and the other side to the street is 15'. If you are not going to be within these measurements, you will need to apply for a variance through the city's Planning and Zoning Commission which meets the fourth Monday of each month. In order to apply for a variance, you must make the request at least two weeks prior to the fourth Monday to ensure publication.

Utility Services: You will need to contact the Public Works Department at 605-397-2690 to get information about the connection of these services.

Load Control: All electric heat, electric air-conditioning, and electric water heaters must be controlled. A load management receiver must be installed. The city supplies the receiver and the homeowner is responsible for the installation. A monthly rebate is also given to qualifying water heaters on load control.

Remember to have your contractors call One-Call at 811 at least 48 hours before digging!