Rubble Site

Address: 500 S 5th Street
Questions? Contact Paul at 605-397-7460

Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (weather permitting)

The Rubble Site is located south of town. The city has a state permit to operate a rubble site; thus, only certain items are accepted. Items accepted are trees and branches, wood that is not treated or painted, metal, grass, garden refuse and leaves, and also concrete for an additional charge.

Rubble Site Information Update
If you're planning on using the Rubble Site, you will not have access without having a 4 digit access code. You will need to stop at City Hall to purchase your Rubble Site permit and receive your code. Codes will need to be entered into the panel at the gate followed by the # key.

Rubble Site Fees
Annual Rubble Site permits expire December 31st of every year.

  • Residential: $10/load or $35/year

  • Non-Residential: $15/load or $55/year

  • Commercial: $20/load or $175/year

  • Commercial Tree: $175/year + $20/load

  • Commercial Grass Only: $10/load or $125/year

  • Cement: $10/pickups, $20/small trucks & trailers, $30/large trucks (+ permit fee)

  • There will also be TRANSMITTERS for rent for a $25 non-refundable fee plus a $25 deposit. These can be used instead of entering your code in every time you would like to gain access.

Residents are defined as those that are utilizing city utilities.


Other items may be taken to the Brown County Landfill.

Insulation, shingles, construction material, plastic, painted lumber, etc... cannot be dumped because the city has a Rubble Site permit with the State of South Dakota. If there is a violation of this permit, the city could lose its license and the state could shut down the Rubble Site. It's important that we all do our part so we can keep the Rubble Site open for the community. If you dump material that is not allowed, you could be fined $200.

Landfill picture

City Hall Map

Map from City Hall, 120 N Main Street, to Groton's Rubble Site

Grass, Leaves, Garden Material: You must empty and take your bags back with you. Do not leave pots, artificial flowers, pop bottles or cans, etc., as they are not part of the composite. When dumping your material, please back up as far as possible to help eliminate gaps between the piles.

Trees, Branches, and Non-treated wood: (Such things as green treated wood, painted wood, paneling, insulation, construction materials, shingles, etc... are not permitted). If you have a truck or trailer load of branches, please take them to the back and dump as close to the rest of the trees as possible so we do not leave large gaps.

Metal: We do accept metal, but please be aware that many appliances today are not made of metal, but rather plastic. We cannot accept plastic. If you are leaving an appliance, make sure the Freon has been taken care of and make sure the technician who took out the Freon puts a tag on the unit.

4-1-13 City Restricted Solid Waste Site. The City of Groton will operate a city restricted solid waste site at its discretion and as permitted by state law under SDCL 34A-6 and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the regulations appertaining thereto for the following purposes and under the following conditions only but this section shall not supersede the provisions of state law in SDCL 34A-6 or the administrative regulations of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources which this ordinance is deemed to be in compliance with.
A. The city site will be open between the hours of the day and the days of the week as established by resolution of the Groton City Council, to be amended from time to time as the need exists, which resolution is on file at the City Finance Office;
B. The use of the city site is available to city residents and non-residents by first applying for a special permit at the city finance office for which there will be a fee of an amount established by the City Council by resolution which is on file at the City Finance Office;
C. The city site may be used only for purposes of depositing rubble as defined in 4-1-1J and shall not be used for depositing any other type or refuse including rubbish, garbage, solid waste, paper or cardboard, plastics, Styrofoam, foam rubber, packaging materials, gas or fuel tanks, treated wood, paint, or paint cans, sealants, adhesives, furniture, mattresses, carpet, lead acid batteries, waste motor oil, all motor vehicle tires, white good appliances containing freon, any chemicals or chemical containers, abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or junked vehicles with gas tanks, animal remains, or construction materials including but not limited to shingles, tar paper, painted, stained or varnished wood, siding, insulation, lathe and sheetrock;
D. All rubble deposited at the city restricted solid waste site shall be declared abandoned property upon depositing the same;
E. The City of Groton may appoint a site caretaker whose hours of work and amount of pay shall be set by resolution of the City Council to be kept on file at the City Finance Office;
F. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, or business to do any of the following at the city's restricted solid waste site;
1. Dump, deposit, discard or leave any refuse as defined in 4-1-1G or 4-1- 13C;
2. Disregard the site caretaker's directions;
3. Start or cause to be started any fire without proper authorization from the city;
4. Retrieve, take away or remove any rubble without written permission from the city;
5. Use the city site unless a resident of the City of Groton or a permit holder;
6. Use the city site on the days of the week or during the hours of the day that the city site is closed to public use except by special permission of the city.